Martin Johnson 2nd Place Under 1750.
                                    Springfield Area-Wide TTT  Feb 16, 2019.
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     A Place In The Sun

   2013 Show-Me State Games Match Highlights

Sonjay Henry: Under 1800 Champion -- 2011 MO Show-Me State Games Open.
 Peter Lawrence and P.J. Phachantry: Wichita State University.  2014 Show-Me State Games:1st Place Open Doubles.
  Home For Christmas. The 2-Door '29 Ford Sits Parked As An Evening Sky Wanes.  Eating-n-Reminiscing To Follow.     

Leine Agata / Karin Fukushima, Lindenwood University vs Yang Yu / Zhicheng Liang, Mississippi State. 
   2012 MO Winter Games Open . . .
Yu / Liang Win 3 Games To 2 And The Classic: 11 to 9 In The 5th.
                                       Old 50's Cars And A Boating Excursion. Catching Fish Is Where It's At!

                                      Hamid Ezzat-Ahmadi and Sina Asadallahi 2nd Place Open Doubles. 
            Asadallahi 1st Place Open Singles and 1st Place Open Round Robin.   Cornilleau 740 Open


             Biljana Golic And Table Tennis.
            Ben Lewis and Robert Johnson Open Doubles Winners: Mini-Tournament January 26, 2014
William Todd, (rated 2025) Eagle Mt. Utah and Danny Todd, (R) Columbia, MO Table Tennis Leader.  

         Nicole C. Mullen

Kerry Xiao  (St. Louis)  2011 MO Show-Me State Games Champ

                       The 49th State - Alaska.  A Wondrous Landscape And Panoramic View.
                         Jeff Johnston Smithville, Missouri vs Russ Hamilton Bentonville, Arkansas
                  2014 Missouri Winter Games Open Championship.  Hamilton Wins: 3 Games To 1.
     Bruce Learns To Pray: Hollywood Gets It Right

        Jay Becker, Willard MO.  2nd Place U-1500 and 2nd Place U-1800.  Jan 26, 2014 Mini Tournament.

           Bold Bayarsaikhan, Ulan Bator, Mongolia: 1st Place "Flim Flam Slam Open" May 16, 2009.

     Ma Lin  vs  Jan-Ove Waldner At The 2004 Olympics
        Parviz Mojaverian and Dinu Varghese ~ 2013 Missouri Winter Games Open: Central Bible College.
              G. Steiger vs D. Ground
                   Packard Went Out In '58 And Studebaker In '66. Tragic Consequences Of Economics. 

      Christian Suss - A German Prodigy

     J.O. Waldner (Sweden) age 17 vs Mikael Applegren (Sweden) age 21

    Table Tennis - Tremendous Rallies & Hits

    Jorgen Persson (Sweden)  vs. Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus)  -- "2008 Beijing Olympics"

      Rosie O'Donnell Attacked By Flying Eagle

                                                                      A Farm - Some Boys - And Their Imagination.
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