Board members: Josh Laird Treasurer, Joe Fong, Todd Dudenhoeffer vice-Pres; Bill Lewis President; Brad Wommack.
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Upcoming Schedule of Events
Date Time Event
May 3-4 Both days St. Louis table tennis tourney
May 30 9am-1pm Must be 50 or over Southwest MO Senior Games  O'Reilly-Tefft gym
Wednesday Evening Practices April & May O'Reilly-Tefft Gymnasium.  Time Frame: 6 to 9 pm.  Cost: $3.00 
Extra Practices For May 3 & May 4 St. Louis Tourney As Well As June 21 Missouri Show-Me State Games Open Tourney.
                        ·       Excellent lighting, high ceiling and climate controlled!

·       Shower and locker rooms for men and women!

·       Ample parking! All ages and abilities encouraged to play!

·       Handicapped accessible!

·       Drug and Alcohol FREE environment!

·       Maintained by Springfield-Greene County Parks and Rec!

    ·    Play on Sundays from 1:30 pm till 5:30 pm!
·    Site: O'Reilly-Tefft gym. 1408 E. Pythian Street Springfield!
·     No Membership dues. Coaching available upon request!
·     $4 per session. FREE to those 15 and younger!
·     Balls provided, return when finished!
·     Ph: Bill Lewis: 417.890.8092   Email:!

A brief history of OTTC. Club was started by Dave Zapatka, circa late 70's, and played in a building north of Chestnut Expressway on National.  (Zapatka owned Z Tech Corporation before moving out of the area in 2003.)  Club was inactive through the 1980's before being revitalized by Hugh Mason in 1993. OTTC achieved USATT accreditation and chartering through Mason's guidance and club relocated to Wesley United Methodist Church on Republic Road from 1993 to 2001.  Club sponsored two sanctioned tourneys during this 8 year period, one by Ted Murphy (Ozark, MO) in 1997, which garnered 24 players and one by Bill Lewis in 2001, which garnered 27 players.  First event won by Jeff Williams from Springfield the latter by Rick Seiler from St. Louis.  Lewis was elected President who then began an affiliation with Springfield Parks & Recreation relocating to O'Reilly-Tefft gymnasium in 2002.  Ozarks Table Tennis Club has subsequently staged 29 USATT sanctioned tournaments; 6 non-sanctioned tourneys and 5 "mini" tournaments. Thirty-two tournaments held at O'Reilly-Tefft; 5 held at Baptist Bible College; 2 held at Central Bible College; and 1 held at Parkview High School. There have been 1476 players, over $40,000 in payouts and multiple thousands of matches played and completed.  Eminent players in Springfield: Eric Owens, 2003 USA National champion; Mark Hazinski, world rated #367; Chor Sime Oh (from Malaysia) world rated #536; Alfred Najem (from Lebanon) world rated #602; Paulo Rocha (from Brazil) world rated #633; Fernando Yamazato (from Brazil) world rated #682; Venkat Ramesh (from India) world rated #725; and Joey Cochran world rated #1138.  Notable Springfield champions: Alfred Najem "5 times"; Parviz Mojaverian, Overland Park, KS "4 times" and Richard Martin, Kansas City, MO "3 times".  Springfield is a recognized leader in table tennis in both Missouri and the mid-West.

William Todd from Salt Lake City vs. Kerry Xiao from St. Louis.  Todd wins 2012 Missouri State Games Championship: 3 games to 2.
Katie Hynes, Springfield: 3rd Place Hardbat Open. 2011 MO Show-Me State Games.

                                      Players in FULL playing action on a Sunday afternoon.
                           Marko Terzic from Ballwin, MO.  1st Place Under 1400  2014 MO Winter Games Open.
           David Chu: 1st place Under 2000, 2nd Place Open Doubles; 3rd Place Under 1800. 2014 MO Winter Games
           Peidu Gu, Lawrence, KS vs. Marko Terzic, Ballwin, MO:  2014 Missouri Winter Games Open.

Alfred Najem: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 -- 1st Place Open Finishes.  5 year combined record: 51 wins and 1 loss.

      Hamid Ezzat and Sina Asadallahi vs. Sam Liu and JiWen Wu -- 2013 MO Winter Games Open.
                  Jim Zhang, Kansas University: 1st Place U-1600; 2nd Place Open Doubles.   2014 MO Winter Games

     (L) Jamey Hall National Umpire and Hamid Ezzat. Playing: Parviz Mojaverian '4' Time Springfield, MO Champion.
                         Nik Terzic, Ballwin, MO.  1st Place Under 1800 - 2014 MO Winter Games Open

       Jeff Johnston 1st Place Open Singles Champion: Giant Jumbo Round Robin Nov 22, 2008.
         Ben Lewis from Springfield vs. James Chambers from Garfield AR - "Mini-Tournament" January 26, 2014.

       Russ Hamilton from Bentonville, Arkansas --- 1st Place Winner in "Mini-Tournament" January 26, 2014.

                                                 The Playing Area --- Plenty Of Room For Great Matches.

    David Girdner, Clarksville, Tennessee.  Under 1750 and Under 1550 1st Place Winner.  October, 2010 Celluloid Shootout Open.

      Ray Presnell from Ozark, MO hitting a fast one past a defender.  May 24, 2008 "Mini-Tournament."

       Wenyan Drake and Joe Fong from Springfield discussing Joe's world famous backhand.

                Dr. Shang Lee, Springfield: 2nd Place Winner "Mini" Tournament January 26, 2014.

              "Frisco Through The Ozarks" - by Springfield Artist: Charles Summey.
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